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Utah C-PACE for Capital Providers

Welcome to Utah C-PACE—an innovative, voluntary financing program for commercial and industrial building owners. We’re delighted that you’re looking to expand your funding opportunities through C-PACE, which helps property owners in Utah access private-sector financing for the installation of building improvements that can reduce energy consumption and increase the value of their property.


C-PACE is a high-value investment secured by a voluntary energy assessment and assignable lien, which, like all public benefit assessments, sits in a senior position to other encumbrances on the property, and has the same priority as a property tax lien. As a result, capital providers who work with the C-PACE program may receive attractive project financing opportunities.


The C-PACE program seeks to stimulate the market through an open-market project financing model. For this reason, the C-PACE program is open to all capital providers. Participating capital providers can have their firm included in the Capital Provider Directory.

Note that by providing a listing of participating capital providers, the C-PACE program is not recommending or endorsing any specific capital provider. Moreover, property owners can select the capital provider of their choice to fund their project.

Getting Started

Capital providers can participate in the C-PACE program in two ways:

  1. Work with property owners to underwrite projects and help them prepare their application for financing approval.
  2. Collaborate with the C-PACE program to evaluate funding opportunities. (In some instances, property owners may submit an application to the C-PACE program without a pre-selected capital provider. In this case, the C-PACE program will review pre-approved projects with you and other capital providers to determine your funding interest.)

Learn More

Capital providers interested in financing eligible projects are encouraged to download, complete, and return the Capital Provider Application. You may request this application here.

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